The Light Centre was set up in Bournemouth in 2001 by Charmian Winser to anchor in Light and raise conscious awareness of our connection to Source. Charmian has been pursuing her spiritual development for over 50 years and teaching since 1987. 

Charmian devised the Transformational Bodywork Course which attunes people to Ascended Masters, Archangels, Higher Self and the 5th dimension upwards, gives planetary initiations and brings in new energies. It raises vibrations of auras, chakras, DNA, clears attachments, channels Masters and Angels and prepares people for ascension and beyond. She also devised the Level 2 Transformational Bodywork Course – Multi Dimensional Healing which takes people up through levels beyond the universe and is the teaching level for Transformational Bodywork.

The Light Centre also provides Reiki workshops, private sessions and Enlightenment Groups.


  • Learn about Enlightenment
    Learn about Enlightenment
    This 1 day workshop is taught by Charmian for those who have heard about Enlightenment and would like to understand it better   It explores the following: What Enlightenment is How to meditate Aids to Spiritual and personal development Developing inner knowing and intuition Releasing limitations Connecting with your Higher Consciousness Some common Enlightenment experiences ...
  • Maitreya Healing
    Maitreya Healing
      Maitreya Healing is Divine Light, Divine Power, Divine Love, suffusing us with transforming energy, healing mind, body and spirit and taking us deeper and deeper into our enlightenment.   Amazingly powerful, amazingly beautiful, loved by all who have learnt it. Maitreya’s healing is simple to use and simple to learn.   Each time that ...
  • Reiki Training
    Reiki Training
    The word Reiki is made of two Japanese words – Rei which means “Infinite Wisdom or Higher Power” and Ki which is “life force energy”. So the translation for Reiki is “spiritually guided life force energy.” Reiki is found all over the world with many reported miracles. Reiki encourages the flow of energy within us, ...
  • Transformational Bodywork Course
    Transformational Bodywork Course
    This course is offered to those who are dedicated to going deeper into their enlightenment and helping others to do so. It offers a unique opportunity to explore and develop your multi-dimensional self, your universe, and beyond. If you are ready to work with high vibrational beings including ascended masters, angels and higher levels of ...
  • Transformational Bodywork Level 2 – Multi Dimensional Healing
    Transformational Bodywork Level 2 – Multi Dimensional Healing
    This course is for those who want to expand their skills and connection both within and beyond the universe. It is available to those who have completed the Transformational Bodywork course who are ready to take on this higher energy.   Learn to operate from: Non-thought Direct Intuitive knowing Your re-connection to Source Your Soul ...

Private Sessions and Groups

  • Private healing sessions
    The Light Centre offers a wide range of transformational sessions to raise consciousness and anchor in Light creating balance in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual being. Charmian works intuitively and senses what is right for you at that moment.   How healing energies help to restore health When there are imbalances or blockages within ...
  • Meditation groups
    Groups are held regularly to assist raising vibrations in selves and the planet, understanding our role in the unfolding of our drama in these momentous times, and learning about our higher-dimensional selves and our place in the universe and beyond. Groups consist of meditations, sharing experiences and teaching. Information and energies are channelled from Source, ...