Charmian Winser is an experienced international spiritual teacher.

Masters were tuning in and helping her from the early ‘70s. She began meeting and studying with living Masters from the late ‘80s.

Archangel Gabriel was with her from birth and Archangel Sandolphon is in charge of some of her work, including the Transformational Bodywork courses.

Charmian was initiated as a Reiki Master in 1987. She was a co-founder of The Reiki Association and was a Board Member until 1996. She has written the sell-out book Reiki: healing energy for mind, body and spirit.

Maitreya is our long-prophesied next World Teacher. He showed himself to Charmian as brilliant white Light from the mid ‘80s. Recently he initiated her to his healing energy and asked her to teach it.

Source (God) is constantly with her and she now connects with God’s fellow Sources and the Being who created our Source. They are mentioned in Neale Donald Walsch’s and Joshua Stone’s books and expanded upon by Guy Steven Needler who has incarnated here specially to teach us about them. They have also asked Charmian to teach about them.

Charmian is a reincarnated Ascended Master.