Maitreya Healing

Maitreya Healing Course


Maitreya Healing is Divine Light, Divine Power, Divine Love,

suffusing us with transforming energy, healing mind, body and spirit

and taking us deeper and deeper into our enlightenment.


Amazingly powerful, amazingly beautiful, loved by all who have learnt it.

Maitreya’s healing is simple to use and simple to learn.


Each time that we use Maitreya Healing, either on ourselves or another person or anything else, we heal and transform at deeper and deeper levels.

Maitreya is, like Jesus, Buddha and Mohammed before him, the next World Teacher.

Maitreya has been coming to Charmian Winser from time to time for more than 30 years. He always showed himself to her as brilliant White Light.

Maitreya Healing is an enlightenment energy.


Early in 2017 Maitreya came through to Charmian, telling her that he was coming to the planet in 20 years’ time and was sending ten emissaries to prepare the way. He initiated her to his healing energy, asking her to teach it in two parts.

Maitreya has been prophesied for many hundreds of years. His energy needs both to encompass the planet and be anchored into it. One of his incarnations was the Chinese monk Ch’i-tz’u, known as the Laughing Buddha.


Level I Maitreya Healing Course (1 day)



At the beginning of the course you will receive the initiation to Maitreya’s healing or you may receive it shortly before your course begins.



Teachings Maitreya will channel these.

Tuning In

Developing intuition

Hands on Self-healing

Healing Others

Suggested donation: £100 (Certificate upon completion)



Level II Maitreya Healing Course (1 1⁄2 days)


Initiation – You will receive the initiation to the Level II energy, enabling you to give more powerful healing and to teach Maitreya Healing.

Developing Inner Knowing

More Advanced Healing

Meditations and Teachings

More advanced meditations and teaching. Maitreya will channel these.

Absent Healing

Teaching Maitreya Healing

You will be given comprehensive notes on teaching, the law in relation to healing, insurance and so on.

Suggested donation: £150 Certificate upon completion


Maitreya, true Maitreya
Reborn innumerable times
From time to time manifested among men The men of the age do not recognize him.

~ Said to be the final words of Ch’i-tz’u (Maitreya) on his deathbed


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